On October 12, 2010 President Obama signed SB1132 – Law Enforcement Officers Safety Improvements Act of 2010

This improved the original law to include more federal law enforcement officers, Amtrak officers, and most important to our members, extended the national concealed carry to non “retired” former law enforcement officers that have served a aggregate of at least 10 years as sworn law enforcement officers.

One of the requirements is to provide proof that you have qualified with your weapon in the last year, either with your former agency, or with any agency in the area you currently reside, or with a firearms instructor that is qualified to qualify law enforcement officers in your jurisdiction.  This proof normally comes in the form of a letter from that agency or firearms instructor that is not practical to carry around with you all the time.

As an added member benefit, we are working on a special secure photo ID card that we will issue to qualified members for national carry purposes.  The member will send us a copy of their annual qualification, and the ID card will have a QR web link on it for any other law enforcement officer or agency to scan which will allow them to view and/or download a copy of your qualification certification.

We are waiting on final approval of the design, secure features, and online database, and the program is scheduled to officially kick off on June 10th, 2011!  Thanks to the members that did a lot of leg work and research to get this program running for the benefit of all our membership!

UPDATE: This is almost ready to kick off – So what’s the delay?

Upon review of several state laws, this is allowed when the ID meets certain security guidelines.  We had to upgrade the ID machine to meet the etching or holographic requirement in some states.  This machine is up and running, and the sample ID cards are awaiting approval.